Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Greetings From Austin

That is right, we are here in Austin this week. I thought I would share a pic of E from Monday. And by the way he started to "really" crawl yesterday! YEA!!! He has been moving and stuff, but yesterday he was definitely crawling. I cannot believe my baby is almost 7 months! Wow! Well we will be back late Friday. Have a great Day!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

More of the "Girls"

This one is different but i like the feel of "different"

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Seniors '09

Here is a Sneak Peek for you two Senior Girls! This is all I had time for right now, there will be more to come later! ENJOY!

*My Bad, I meant 2009, I'll fix it later..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Birthday Girl!

Sunday was my Little sister's 14th Birthday. We all went out to eat Mexican Food, and I snatched her away for a few shots since the building was so cool! There are a bunch more I would like to share, but we are moving TODAY! Short notice I know, but we will be settled soon!

I loved the Doors!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Story told in Black and White

Here is a sample of a Plain Storyboard or Collage. The size of this one is 11x14, but they come in all sizes and colors. I have many more to choose from too!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Seeking Senior Reps.

I have Decided to Start a "Senior Representation Program." The Program is for anyone who will be a Senior in High School during the 2008-2009 school year. The Senior Rep. Program is GREAT for YOU and ME!

*This is a Sample of a 5x7 card that could be used for Handouts or even baby announcements.

As a Sr. Rep. you will receive a FREE session during the early Fall 2008. You will then be given cards, brochures, a proof book, and information of my business to hand out to friends. In return, each person you refer and books with me, you will receive a $15 photo credit. If you refer at least 3 people you will be given another FREE session to be done in the Spring!

I am looking for a diverse group of Seniors interested in different hobbies etc. who are in surrounding areas: Chester, Colmesneil, Corrigan, Dibol, Livingston, Lufkin, San Augistine, Warren, Woodville, and Beyond. I am only going to accept a few from each area, so hurry and sign up. This is a great opportunity for you!

If You or anyone that you know is interested please Send the following information by email.




Hobbies and School activities:

Phone #:



*You must have parents approval.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

48 Hour Special

The 48 Hour Special Starts Monday at Midnight. If you book any Portrait session you will receive a discount of $20.00. Book a Wedding receive a $100.00 discount off your selected package. I am only taking a limited number of each, so Hurry and book your session fast! Remeber it starts MONDAY, July 14th at MIDNIGHT, lasting till TUESDAY, July 15th at 11:59 pm.

It's Never too Early to start Booking for Holiday sessions either, I have some great Christmas Cards to choose from!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Weddings, Weddings, and Weddings

During this past week I have had many inquiries about my Wedding packages, almost one a day, and most of them are for next year! How awesome huh? Well I thought I would also post on here my prices for my packages and other info. All pricing is on my website.

Currently I offer three different wedding packages. They are as followed:

Vanilla Package- $700
4 hrs. of Wedding Day Coverage
$200 Photo credit for photos
8.5x8.5 Photo Book
Online Proofs

Strawberry Package- $1000
Engagement or Bridal Session
6 hrs. of Wedding Coverage
$400 Photo Credit for Photos or album
Online Proofs
Choice of 8.5x8.5 photo book or two 5x5 photo books.
DVD of all images set to music

Chocolate Package- $1600
Engagement Session
Bridal Session
Choice of 8x10 Engagement or Bridal Photo on Signature Mat Board.
Unlimited Wedding Day Coverage
$500 Photo Credit for Photos or Album
Online Proofs
12x12 Canvas Wrap
DVD of all images set to music

*You can also add a "Day After Bride and Groom Session" or a "Boudoir" session for only $75 if booked the same day as your Wedding is booked.

Many do not know what the "Day After Bride and Groom Session" is or a Boudoir. A Day After session is a chance for the Bride and Groom to interact and not worry about keeping the dress white or wrinkle free for the wedding. Most often it a chance for the couple to have some creative images that are not possible to get the day of the wedding when everything is rushed or on a schedule. These sessions are meant to be romantic and fun for the Newlyweds! A Boudoir session is a beautiful, tasteful, sexy, session for the Bride-to-be or any woman needing a "self-confidence boost". They are images that you will want to look at for years to come. This session is done in the home or a private location of your choosing. It is the perfect gift for your Husband to be, the Man you married years ago, or just for you to treasure. For more information on Boudoir sessions please contact me.

I hope this Post really helped you out! Now don't Delay booking for your Wedding!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Miss "J" the Little FIRECRACKER

On the 4th of July I had the chance to have a session with Miss "J" who is about a week and a half. She was a firecracker! Between the three potty accidents, and pulling her "pappy" (aka pacifier, but we call it pappy at my house) in and out to get some shots without it, we had a great shoot! :) Her parents are wonderful and the Whole family is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you again for such a great afternoon F and J! Here is a Sneak Peek!

There is something about this one that makes me LOVE it!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

An Evening with our Family

This evening was so nice out that we all were enjoying it! Michael was playing with Diesel (our dog), E was watching, and I was trying out a new lens that i got today via UPS. All I gotta say is I LOVE THE NEW LENS! Now I didn't do much editing to these at all...

Tell me that he is not the cutest baby ever! hehe...

Hanging out inside...

E was intently watching them play.

Checking out the PUP

Wait a minute, That is my DADDY!

Another Taste of Trash...

As of Right Now, in October, I am planning to meet another photographer at Galveston to do a "Trash the Dress" shoot. I cannot wait and I know it will be a lot of fun! If any Bride is interested in coming and "modeling" for us or even you and your hubby, just email me or leave me a comment on here. If you sign up it doesn't mean you have to actually "trash the dress" or even get it wet for that matter. There is no contracts or fees involved, if you like any of the photos you can purchase them. We are looking to have a fun time!

Alright Girls, I hope you are happy : ), I was finally able to get a few more processed and whatnot. Enjoy!

This is one of my Favs. from the whole day! She looks like a "water angel." Whatever that is! LOL

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A "Formal Trashing"

As you might not expect, a "formal trashing" involved Pretty Prom Dresses and Water! I had a great time photographing these two yesterday! It's not everyday that you get to get into the pool in your prom dress. Granted it was very very hot out and sunny too, that's why we included the sunglasses in some, which made some awesome accessories! Here is a sneak peak you two! Enjoy! There are many more to come.

After the pool session we took a few elsewhere...