Monday, July 7, 2008

Weddings, Weddings, and Weddings

During this past week I have had many inquiries about my Wedding packages, almost one a day, and most of them are for next year! How awesome huh? Well I thought I would also post on here my prices for my packages and other info. All pricing is on my website.

Currently I offer three different wedding packages. They are as followed:

Vanilla Package- $700
4 hrs. of Wedding Day Coverage
$200 Photo credit for photos
8.5x8.5 Photo Book
Online Proofs

Strawberry Package- $1000
Engagement or Bridal Session
6 hrs. of Wedding Coverage
$400 Photo Credit for Photos or album
Online Proofs
Choice of 8.5x8.5 photo book or two 5x5 photo books.
DVD of all images set to music

Chocolate Package- $1600
Engagement Session
Bridal Session
Choice of 8x10 Engagement or Bridal Photo on Signature Mat Board.
Unlimited Wedding Day Coverage
$500 Photo Credit for Photos or Album
Online Proofs
12x12 Canvas Wrap
DVD of all images set to music

*You can also add a "Day After Bride and Groom Session" or a "Boudoir" session for only $75 if booked the same day as your Wedding is booked.

Many do not know what the "Day After Bride and Groom Session" is or a Boudoir. A Day After session is a chance for the Bride and Groom to interact and not worry about keeping the dress white or wrinkle free for the wedding. Most often it a chance for the couple to have some creative images that are not possible to get the day of the wedding when everything is rushed or on a schedule. These sessions are meant to be romantic and fun for the Newlyweds! A Boudoir session is a beautiful, tasteful, sexy, session for the Bride-to-be or any woman needing a "self-confidence boost". They are images that you will want to look at for years to come. This session is done in the home or a private location of your choosing. It is the perfect gift for your Husband to be, the Man you married years ago, or just for you to treasure. For more information on Boudoir sessions please contact me.

I hope this Post really helped you out! Now don't Delay booking for your Wedding!

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Kurtis & Karissa & Kyson said...

If I was getting married...I WOULD DEFINATELY HIRE YOU! :)