Monday, August 4, 2008

Hey Katie!

"Hey Katie I saw the capitol!" I met with one of my friends Katie, who lives there in Austin for lunch one day, and I had told her that I wanted to see the state capitol. She had said "Sarah, you have to go see it." So on our way home we detoured and went by the Texas State Capitol. It truely is beautiful. Although it was a scorcher out! It was like 102! We didn't stay long at all, just long enough to get a few pics and evidence that i went hehe..

I just love this for some reason.

The timing was all wrong while we were there for pics. but we didn't care we got them anyway!

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katieharwell said...

I am so glad that y'all got to stop by and see the capitol! When you guys are down in October, I will have to show you around the more popular parts of Austin so you can take some great pictures (plus, the weather will be a lot cooler!). Well, I hope the trip home was not too terribly long, and I hope to see you again in October! :)