Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meet Senior Rep. SHELBY

She is Just Gorgeous!! Shelby and I met today, well... yesterday now...(Tuesday) We had an awesome time taking pictures, even though we started at 7:30 am! hehe.. Rain was in the forecast and it rained out my engagement session on Monday, so we went for the morning and I am so glad that we did! We found some killer locations that I know I will be dragging someone to. Here is a sneak peek from today's session, I will post more soon, but I am running on about 4.5 hrs. of sleep... SO this will have to do.

**By the way... notice something on the pictures? It's my new watermark designed by Sugar Shots Photography. Thanks Reata!! It's also a sneak peek as to what is to come with my new website that is in the making. It should be up and running very very soon! Maybe even by the end of the week... Fingers Crossed!

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