Monday, August 25, 2008

Tanna and Richard {e. session}

This {e. session} certainly had it's obstacles. We originally scheduled for last Monday, but rain, or let me say the flooding kept us in. So we decided on Friday morning, and ended up with Sunday being the best! Just about all Sunday I had a horrible headache, and not really looking forward to the shoot because I was not feeling good. But I sucked it up and took some Tylenol and went on. Then, when I got to original location, the field was mowed the evening before, so it was just short ugly grass, not the picture perfect field it had been all week long. I was thinking "Come ON!" So once the couple go there we opted for another grassy location that worked perfectly, and then traveled a bit around town.
There were so many people honking and yelling at us while doing the shoot, I think it's because this couple is so cute and their love is very obvious! You can defiantly tell they are in love. I love doing engagements, the couple are so much fun, and are always willing to show their love and affection for each other!
I am so glad that my headache went away and things got better, but you know after all the things that happened to us before the shoot got started, it just made the images that much better and was well worth the wait if you ask me! Enjoy your sneak peek!

This image symbolizes the rain that rained us out the first time!

L.O.V.E. Can you see it? Being a little silly!

Can't you see his Love for her here? Oh I just LOVE it!

Looking oh so HOT. This is when we got the most stares and honks!

Sarah e.

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